Urban Leaves India: Vidya Vaaridhi Trust - Empowering Communities

Vidya Vaaridhi Trust - Empowering Communities

Empowering Individuals & Communities
towards Holistic and  Sustainable Growth.

'Vidya Vaaridhi'  literally means 'the ocean of learning'. It is also the name of Ganesha, the god who represents intelligence, creativity, harmony, and problem solving.

Vidya Vaaridhi Trust was born in the minds of a few like-minded people who shared a vision :   empowering the community to become  aware, healthy, self-reliant, self-sustaining and productive.   

To achieve these ends, a Trust was created to pool the resources and engage in activities like workshops, weekend camps, medical,  educational and legal aid, community awareness and self-help programs, cultural and spiritual heritage programs, etc.

The tiny seed has now bloomed into a 'Vidya Vaaridhi Parivaar' with different branches of the  that include 'Helping Hands', 'Vidya Daan', 'Urban Leaves', and 'Vedanta Satsang'.  

Helping Hands - at Bal Anand Orphanage

Helping Hands - Construction Workers' Kids

Personal Growth Workshops

Workshops - Hands on Learning

Urban Leaves - Natu-eco farming

Urban Leaves sprouts.....Akanksha school children

Vedanta Satsang Spiritual Camp

Vidya Vaaridhi Trust was registered on 12th Dec. 1994 under Bombay Public Trusts Act. It promotes the following activities connected to education, personal development and spiritual growth.

* Urban Leaves City Farming Initiative
* Education Scholarships
* Workshops on Personal Growth
* Spiritual Weekend Retreats
* Weekly Classes on Vedanta, Bhagavad Gita, etc.

Managing Trustees:

Uday Acharya
Lalita Subramaniam
Rajshekhar Menon
S Shankar Narayan

we are listed on http://www.karmayog.org

Vidya Vaaridhi Trust thanks all the volunteers and advisors for their valuable contribution of time, energy, and guidance. We thank all the Vedanta Satsang members and well wishers of the trust. Special thanks to all the donors for their gracious support and kindness.