Urban Leaves India: #SaveALeaf : Solution 1 - Mulching

Wednesday 13 January 2016

#SaveALeaf : Solution 1 - Mulching

Urban Leaves is a group of passionate urban farmers. We have, down the years, experienced abundance on our community farms. Abundant produce, abundant joy and abundant friendships. We owe this to Amrut Mitti, a nutrient-rich soil, which is made with different varieties of leaves.

As we collect leaves from around the city for our farm, we are saddened to see how they are being treated in our city. We see sweepers cleaning the streets, completely disregarding this important natural resource. Instead of being utilised, the leaves are being burned; a sight that we are pained to see. Not only are the leaves not rejuvenating our soil and crops, but the burning further pollutes our choked city.

But this is a pattern we can stop. The world’s leaders just acknowledged in Paris that climate change is a grave threat and that they are serious about tackling it. But solving climate change will take the participation of each and every world citizen.

Come join The Urban Leaves ‪#‎SaveALeaf‬ Campaign to:
  • Clean Our Air.
  • Build Our Soil.
  • Green Our City.
  • Grow Your Food
Throughout our campaign, we will bring you simple, doable solutions, one by one, that will help transform leaves from a cause of pollution to a valuable resource.
And today, we are excited to present our first solution : MULCHING! 

Have a look at the video of the presentation below to learn all about it, share with your friends and stay tuned for more!

The video of the presentation can also be directly viewed through the following link:

CLICK HERE to view the Solution 2 in the #SaveALeaf Campaign.