Urban Leaves India: 2010

Sunday 26 December 2010

Sunday 26th Dec 2010 - photo diary

Today we harvested the Amba Haldi.  ( Mango Ginger ) 
Amba Haldi (Curcuma Aromatica)
For more info check this site.
Amba haldi is an aromatic stimulant, tonic and carminative. It protects skin from atmospheric pollution, wrinkles and bacteria. It imparts resistance against allergies of throat, nose and trachiobranchital passage.
It smells of raw mango. We plan to grate it, add salt and lemon juice and use it in salads or just eat raw.
                                                                  Nirmala and Julius
                                                              Quite a bounty!
The Amba Haldi was shared amongst the volunteers.
Sameer,Deepak,Bharati,Nirmala,Harsha,Jasmina,Juilius,and Samprati
Below : The heap kept for greening. Remember the seeds the children had sown? Well they have grown healthy and strong! Today I added seeds of Chilly and Saunf. Thats the sweet and pungent taste.
The greens: Chana,methi and Rai
WE could also manage to make 3 heaps ( Yippe ! ) today thanks to the good turnout of volunteers. For these heaps we used asli TOP SOIL..... ( dug out from below the trees at MNP. ) The leaves too were wonderfully dry and crushed, and substantial quantity.This was possible thanks to Anil Ranglani for he donated us heaps of dry leaves collected from different parks. So three heaps... and exact two feet height! We will be turning the heaps now on next Sunday!
Heap Mulched with dry leaves.
The UL gand standing near the freshly made heap.
The heap.
Next Sunday we plan to sow a few more vegetables and make new heaps! Join US!Probably u will get a chance to harvest the Brinjals too!

Love and smiles

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Season 2 progress: Balcony at Dockyard

My Doughnut Cactus!
Yet to be identified by me. But this one has flowered for first time, since I was gifted this plant by one of the participants of my workshop last year.
Gawar ( String Beans ) are in abundance.Wish I had more space for a few more plants.

Cauliflower is growing healthier!
Raddish in a bucket!
Spinach is so beautiful!
Amaranth ( Lalmath )

Now in another month, hope to see the florets of cauliflower and tomatoes! 
Will keep posted!


Sunday 19 December 2010

Sunday 19th Dec at MNP - photo diary

 This Sunday we were overjoyed to see shining, brinjals.Our first real harvest of any vegetable from the MNP farm!These are the baingan  bharta ka baingans ,The large ones. Bharta is something we all relish! They will be ready to harvest by next Sunday.

The plant is growing huge, is very healthy! We will now be required to add a little soil at the base of the stem , as the canopy increases!

The tomato saplings too are doing well.

And the radish too.

Come join us next Sunday to harvest the haldi and baingans!

Lots of smiles

Sunday 12 December 2010

Little ones volunteer at City Farm - photo diary 12.12.10

Sunday early morning, on 12.12.10 Urban Leaves members had visitor volunteers. The little ones had woken up excitedly without their mothers having to cajole them out of beds on a winter Sunday morning and come prepared for a session of gardening, all with their gardening tools!

There was excited chatter and ooohs and aaahhs at the sight of centipede and earthworms and caterpillars!

seeds of chana

The little hands helped us in turning the Amrut Mitti beds, sowing seeds for greening and later went for a tour of the Nature Park for a Nature Trail with Juilius.
                      The children took back Seeds of Bhendi and Tomato in cups of Amrut Mitti!

Remember how it looked in the rains?

Sunday was also a great day for excitement for all of us! We harvested the first Yam! And what a Yam! It weighted more than a kilo!

Nirmala and others was soooo excited!

The Yam - Suran was cut and shared by us! I came home.steamed it, added salt and lime juice and YUMMY! So tender and sweet! Never in my life have I tasted a sweeter Yam!

Next Sunday we will harvest the Ambal Haldi! So dont miss the excitement! Join US!