Urban Leaves India: July 2012

Tuesday 31 July 2012

Lush greenery at Garden by the Bay

The monsoons may have been weak this year. But not the enthusiasm or the efforts of our Volunteers.

This is the season of the gourds - all of them being climbers. Managing these on trellises is the greatest challenge.

The growth is at its zenith.

It is a delight to see the flower blossoms.......

...eventually materialising into fruits and vegetables

The culmination of every visit is of course the harvest tray.

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A full fledged City Farmer

"Vipul Sanghavi" vips982@gmail.com

Who says one needs land to grow vegetables?

And who feels that Organic farming practices do not give sufficient yields?
A visit to our enthusiastic member Vipul Sanghvi’s terrace will put to rest any such doubts.

After dedicatedly making Amrut Mitti for a year

the roof top garden in a span of six months resembles a food forest.
Renamed as the ‘Kasturi Vaatika’, this space of about 1000 sft. has been consistently yielding vegetables – enough to sustain 3 or 4 families’ daily requirements at peak production.
So deep is Vipul’s love for the plants

that  he often refuses to undertake trimming of his plants. This creates such dense & shaded patches, it almost resembles a forest.

And the terrace is utilised not just for growing Fruits & Vegetables……

……………., but also for flowering plants.

These flowers attract bees and other insects which effectively pollinate the plants, thereby providing such bounty of fruits.

And of course there are some star attractions as well - the fiery tabasco peppers, the corn and the young pomegranate.
All in all, he has managed to recreate a paradise in the concrete city.

A star student, a dedicated sincere volunteer Vipul has set an example. 
Are you motivated to follow?

A few blow up of the photographs, as suggested by our readers

Happy and gardening 
Team Urban Leaves

Wednesday 11 July 2012

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The next article will enable you to grow some of these vegetables in your own balcony and window spaces.

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