Urban Leaves India: #SaveALeaf : Solution 2 - Composting

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

#SaveALeaf : Solution 2 - Composting

Urban Leaves launched the ‪#‎SaveALeaf‬ campaign in December 2015.

The fires at the Deonar landfill since then, have affected all of us in the city and have created an awareness of its hazards. A valuable resource like leaves is being burnt in our localities or trashed and burnt at the landfill along with other biodegradable and toxic waste. Our campaign hopes to build awareness about the value of these leaves and offers solutions on how to use them. 

Solution 1 launched in January 2016 was about Mulching - a top priority for healthy plants. 

It's now time for Solution 2!

Approximately, 60% of the waste that we send to the landfill is biodegradable and can be dealt with at source. We are glad to present #SaveALeaf Campaign - Solution 2 which is about Composting Kitchen Waste and deals with a significant part of this 60%. 

Join the #SaveALeaf Campaign by sharing and implementing our solutions. Together, let's
  • Clean Our Air.
  • Build Our Soil.
  • Green Our City.
  • Grow Your Food
The video of the presentation can also be directly viewed through the following link: http://bit.ly/SaveALeaf-2-Composting-ppt

CLICK HERE to view the Solution 1 in the #SaveALeaf Campaign.