Urban Leaves India: World Kitchen Garden Day 2013: Frequently Asked Questions

World Kitchen Garden Day 2013: Frequently Asked Questions



1. Do I have to take a workshop at the World Kitchen Garden Day?
It would be wonderful if you come forward to take a workshop or host a discussion, but it is not mandatory to do so. You can be present as a participant and take part in workshops and discussions of your choice.

2. Do I have to attend the event for the whole day?
There will be parallel workshops running throughout the day so it would be great if you attend the event for the whole day but it is also okay if you are able to come for a short while and attend a workshop of your choice

3. Is there a fee involved for attending the World Kitchen Garden Day?
Urban leaves and the participating organisations are all voluntary organisations and are not funded by corporations. The World Kitchen Garden Day event is self-financed by the people attending it. The contribution for the World Kitchen Garden Day is requested on the principle of 'Gift Culture'. Our request is ‘pay for yourselves plus a little more to take care of someone else’ towards the costs of food,logistics, venue, materials (fyi, the rough cost for food, venue, logistics etc is coming to about Rs. 500  per person, children under 7 are free)

4. I have financial difficulties in meeting in registration cost of the event. Is there any support available?
Urban Leaves and the other participating organizations are voluntary in nature and do not take funding from corporations, foundations etc. It is an event that is self-financed by the people attending it. At the same time. it is very critical for us that this does not become an elitist event. So we have a gift culture
model wherein the participants pay what they can, and those who can, are invited to help cover the costs for those who can't. If you need financial support, please write to us on urbanleaves at gmail.com, share what is your situation, why is it important for you to come here, what amount of financial support are you looking for. We will consider the requests on a case by case basis and will get back to you.

5. Will I be paid to take a workshop/discussion?
All sessions/workshops/discussions are to be offered in the spirit of giving or “Gift Culture” so there will be no remuneration involved. We encourage you to share your knowledge/expertise/passion with others. 

6. What is gift culture?
Gift culture is an invitation to discover the beauty of giving and receiving spontaneously and
without conditions, unlike transacting with money. Gift culture encourages us to experiment
in creative ways of relating, offering and receiving the natural gifts that we have, which are
immeasurable. An authentic gifting experience dissolves the separation between the giver
and the receiver, because in giving, we are simultaneously receiving as well. An example of
gift culture could be a random act of kindness, Seva Cafe, paying it forward, and sponsoring
someone's participation.

7. What is unique about this years World Kitchen Garden Day celebration?
A few members attended the Learning Societies Unconference  and are inspired to try the same format or unformat on World Kitchen Garden Day.  An unConference is based on processes like Open Space, in which individuals and groups self organize through following their hearts and sharing their passions, offering conversations and participating in sessions that matter to them. An unConference is co-created by the participants. If people come with the intention of being fully present, self organization and co-creation happens naturally, organically, seamlessly.

8. Can I offer something that I am passionate about and which is in line with the theme and spirit of the World Kitchen Garden Day?
Yes. That is the whole idea. You can offer your gifts, share your skills or experiences (your projects), host a conversation on something you're passionate about and is related to theme and spirit of the KGI day

9. Where can I read more about earlier World Kitchen Garden Days in Mumbai. 
You can visit the following links:

10. How can I offer something at the World Kitchen Garden Day?
All sessions are offered in the spirit of invitation to participate. The scenario is like that of an informal gathering, offering exciting opportunities for learning/sharing. You may even announce your offering online, in the pre-event dialog once you register. If you are offering something for the event we need to know about it latest by August 20th 2013 for logistics and planning purposes. This will help us chalk out the general outline of the event and announce the offerings for the day, so that people can create their own learning experience. 

11. Can I contribute to this event in ways other than money?
Sure! You can share resources, like  car pool to the event, share your time at the registration or information desk, help in organization, share the idea of gift culture to encourage people to contribute. spread word about this event on social networks and to friends and family you think would be interested.
Please contact us and let's make things happen!

12.  How do I reach the venue?
The venue, Maharashtra Nature Park (MNP) located at Dharavi very close to the Sion railway station 
Here’s the Google maps location of the venue MNP on Google Maps 
Read more about MNP and the activities carried out at the park:

13. What should I bring with me?
Rain-wear/umbrella, water bottle, wear comfortable clothes and footwear, stationery, resources you want to share or resources that you need to take a workshop/session/discussion.
Above all, saved seeds, cuttings, saplings, smiles and experiences.