Urban Leaves India: Come bridge the gap - become a volunteer!

Friday 2 April 2010

Come bridge the gap - become a volunteer!


 Bridge the gap;
 become a volunteer
 From dependency to interdependency
 From destruction to conservation
 From disposal to reuse and recycling
 From  global to eating local
 From toxic chemicals to natural organic
 From mom to daughter..... he he ... here goes the conversation!

Preeti: "In this dynamic world nothing is permanent.  The mind knows this …. yet the heart searches for something eternal. We search for the ‘I’, lost to us in the hustle-bustle of this extraordinarily demanding world. And nature helps us do this. Holding us, with all our fears and faults, it returns to us a faith that 'All is well with the world'. All it asks in return is some love and care."

Prajakta: "Wait a minute, Aai (mother)! I don't understand a word of what you're saying and I don't think anyone will come and volunteer with you if you tell them these things. You have to show people how cool Urban Leaves is!
Look at the number of progressive sustainable practices we do. No lip service greenwashing. We're willing to try and fail. We're inclusive, we welcome people of all kinds: young or old, the doers, the dreamers, the thinkers, people of all faiths and persuasions. We're all independent, capable people, and we help each other out but we believe people should determine for themselves where their greatest contribution or learning would be.'

Preeti to all : "As you can see, we thrive on diversity and we're always having conversations like these. So come join us whatever your perspective is. Volunteer with us at Urban Leaves …in whatever way gives you joy! 

We are currently involved in

-hands on building of our various community farms
-events- during or behind the scenes, pre or post, or initiate one yourself
-documentation and building our website
-networking, hand holding, entertaining and inspiring each other
-and lastly, keeping ourselves fed, clothed and shelter (contributions in cash or kind welcome :D)

Please fill in the Registration Form  and Email to urbanleaves@gmail.com to register as a volunteer.

Lots of smiles and joy
All of us at Urban Leaves