Urban Leaves India: Updates on Monsoon Magic

Thursday 8 July 2010

Updates on Monsoon Magic

The rains have washed all plants! And the city Farm at MNP looks cleans and beautiful.The baby saplings have just taken their first steps and are sprouting first new leaves after planting and transplanting!
Seeds of Pumpkin have sprouted and HOW !
The bean creeper is Growing! 
and so are the beans on them!
The Okra saplings  have look happy  too! 
The Yam is beautiful!
Custard Apple
Awaiting Cherries!
The drums surrounded by grass and weeds which have grown below the water tank! They are harvesting all the sunlight, and busy making nutrients.... for us to use later! Grass growing in rains to make hay while sun shines! : )

Keep watching and join us to plant more veggies!