Urban Leaves India: Building a trellis for the Creepers

Sunday 8 May 2011

Building a trellis for the Creepers

The small saplings planted last month have grown beautiful healthy leaves.

                                                   Work on trellis started.

                                        Senior Citizens are leading the way.
                                     Sunday mornings were hectic but enjoyable!

Oh Yes! Its done!
Himmat bhai keep leading.....

              After all the hard work, its time to relax, wait for Amrut Mitti to show its magic!
                                    The small saplings are raring to go.....

                                              Tiny cucumbers on their way.

                                     Getting their hands dirty on a Sunday Morning.
Now waiting for the harvest!

Bravo Purvita, Ubai , Joshi,Rai, and team.

You have done a marvelous job!

So , my dear fellow Mumbai citizens, after seeing them, aren't you tempted to have your own farm. Look out for all those sunny, wasted patches in your locality and on your terraces and choose to take the first step to improving your urban lifestyle. Join our Urban Leaves Family to make a better world.

View the Photo Gallery of the first harvest at NNP - May 11