Urban Leaves India: Celebrating Kitchen Garden Day 28th August - 2011

Monday 6 June 2011

Celebrating Kitchen Garden Day 28th August - 2011

While the sweltering heat gives way to monsoons, and the cold chill to spring, the Earth rejoices and celebrates! It decks up in its most beautiful gowns  to celebrate abundance! Its fine textures, flavours, spices and herbs. It is time to celebrate the World Kitchen Garden Day!

What is World Kitchen Garden Day about?

The simple, short way to say it is:  a day for us to come together and slow down.... breathe.... and savour the experience of home grown and home cooked food!

Celebrate growing and enjoying seasonal and local food, meet gardeners, farmers and build communities around growing and eating healthy! Celebrate locally, share globally!

World Kitchen Garden Day 2011 will be celebrated on August 28th, the last Sunday of August. Initiated in response to the junk food industry’s call for celebration of a “snack food month “in 2003, Kitchen Gardeners International began this celebration of growing food. Kitchen gardeners with a single pot on a sunny window to terraces with trees and edible plants to large gardens that feed families, from Mumbai to Brussels to Seattle celebrate it in their communities and gardens! Kitchen Gardeners International tries to connect kitchen gardeners across geographies, sharing tips, recipes, talking seeds and bugs and growing food!
To read more about the objectives  of World Kitchen Garden Day and how it all began do check out Roger’s blog at http://kitchengardeners.org/world-kitchen-garden-day

Why Kitchen gardens?

Before we talk about celebrating World Kitchen Garden Day the question of why kitchen gardens should be addressed. In a day and age where food security is threatened; food safety is in peril; climate change is creating havoc with rain patterns and planting seasons; prices of food are rocketing, the use of toxic chemicals in agriculture is endangering farmer and consumer health; the stealthy introduction of GMOs into our food supply threatens our food security and health; malnutrition plagues a good percentage of children born around the world; junk food is causing unprecedented levels of obesity and life style related illness;  we need to ensure safe and secure food supply for everyone.  The one small step every individual can take to address these concerns is to plant a garden!  It is tantamount to starting a revolution! Therefore, we look forward to a world where everyone is a potential kitchen gardener and this day is to bring together the gardeners of the world and would be gardeners of the world.

This year, join Urban Leaves in Mumbai on the 28th of August to celebrate Kitchen Garden day or to add one that you'd like to host wherever and with whomever you want!
We plan to celebrate the event at our two community gardens in Mumbai 

·  A harvest festival and potluck at our 2 Community Farms at Maharashtra Nature Park (Dharavi) and the Nana Nani Park (Chowpatty)
·  Talk by Anju Venkat of The Health Awareness Centre (THAC) on “Importance of Eating Raw”
·   Seed & sapling sharing between urban gardeners
·   Display/Exhibition of  photos, poems write ups about members & urban gardens

Contact urbanleaves@gmail.com   for  more info on the Mumbai events or  volunteer with us !!

If you are not in Mumbai don’t be disheartened; Urban Leaves members are celebrating KG day at Bangalore, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Nasik & Pune. If you wish, you can create your event at your home / in your city / society / school / garden club and inform us about the event.  Register  Here  to join us or create your own event.

 Visit www.urbanleavesinindia.com  in July to see where the activity/ event closest to you is, or to add one that you'd like to host wherever and with whomever you want!

For us Kitchen Garden day is about... 
being Koooool and Green... 
connecting Kids AND Grown-ups...
 to Kome Grow with us... 
to Kreate Gastronomical delights with us... 
to have all Kinds of Good in our lives and world!  
Won’t you join us?

Team Urban Leaves