Urban Leaves India: Urban Leaves organizes the first ever Urban Permaculture Course in Mumbai

Wednesday 31 August 2011

Urban Leaves organizes the first ever Urban Permaculture Course in Mumbai

Hello Friends

Urban Leaves is proud to host the first ever of its kind in India, a permaculture course-cum-workshop for urban citizens. This is an announcement that registrations are on for the Urban Permaculture course-cum-workshop from 1st -5th October 2011 at the Maharashtra Nature Park in Dharavi, Mumbai.

Permaculture or (Permanent Culture) is about designing ecological human habitats and production systems. It is about using land and building a community system, which will live in a sustainable way with the natural world around it.

This course has been designed with Mumbai in mind and how one can learn from  nature and create changes in and around our urban dwellings so we can live sustainably. The course is being conducted by international permaculture teacher Richard 'Rico' Zook.

Keeping in mind that many Urban Leaves members might not be able to give 5 days for this workshop there are two options provided for attending the course. Read more about the same and about permaculture, what will be covered in the course, registration and course fees etc. in this presentation below. You can also download this presentation and send it to anyone you think, is interested in sustainable urban living.

Urban Permaculture Course in Mumbai - Brochure
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