Urban Leaves India: Update on "Garden by the Bay" Winter Harvest

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update on "Garden by the Bay" Winter Harvest

As promised we are back with update on Purvita's garden. 
In Purvita's words.....

"A whole lot of reviews on my terrace garden last time made me nervous.... I wondered, how I would ever manage to keep up to the expectations. 
Well after a big pause, I told myself, “what the heck, let me update the readers, forget what is expected!"
This is what I have done and would like to share.
Here are the pictures which are self explanatory, enjoy!"

More later... feel free to comment and most welcome to visit my terrace. Have made more of Amrut Mitti in containers and doubled the space with plantation. Wish to land a helping hand....??? pl contact.

Promise to reward you with a sapling in return.

Currently have sowed seeds of tomatoes, chillies, capsicums, variety of brinjals, bindi etc.... hoping the summer will be as good as ever, for us to have a bounty crop this season too.

Cheers and smile,
Purvita Kapadia
Volunteer - Urban Leaves Group


  1. Huge Congratulations Purvita...haven't seen anything more inspiring...hoping to catch a glimpse of these beautiful creations personally...n believe me it will be a PLEASURE to come n help...hope to hear from you soon.

    1. hi to you.... thanks dear.... you are most welcome to come see the garden..... where are you located in bombay?

    2. I'm at vile parle...please lemme know when is it convenient to come see ur garden n take some productive tips from u....binita.shetty@gmail.com...waiting to hear from u soon.

  2. Heartiest congrats Purvita. kudos to you.will be there to actually see your efforts.hope to extend this concept this side of the country.well done!!!!

  3. congratulations purvita.... lovely garden.... I myself can enjoy the happiness of yours.... this site helped me a lot for my little garden.... now i'm organic in case of my garden.... and preparing our own panchagavya... process is going on....

  4. Hi Purvita,
    Lovely garden, it looks so fresh and inviting. You have taken a lot of pains with it and the hard work shows..:)

  5. Congrates.Purbita,This.is.quite.encouraging.Almost.all.thewinter.vegetable.were.in.your.garden.


  6. thank you all.... gardening is meditation for me and am loving every bit of it.... my dream is to see as many terraces in bombay going green.... so come forward and join the community...

  7. wow !!!!!!!!!! purvita !! thats awesome !! you are an inspiration !!!

  8. Hi Purvita, photos were treat for my eyes, thanks for uploading them. It was very inspiring to see that everything is growing happily in small containers. I have a small container garden in Dombivli, going thro' learning phase hence the questions. How do you keep the soil rich constantly in that container which i suppose is a key factor in contnr' gardening. I havnt yet tried Amrut mitti but just today watered my plants with amrut jal. Also tell me little about what have u used for mulching & your opinion abt using cocopeath in pots. Happy gardening.

  9. It's just amazing. i can't believe this. I have been searching for so long if there is any soution to the tasteless vegetables avaiable in the market.

    I am keen to try if i can do anything in my balcony. but, i would need help.

    can i see this and learn from you. pl let me know at s.gupta@adityabirla.com or tel 9702046671

    thanks regardssudhir