Urban Leaves India: Come Join Us for KGI Day 2012

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Come Join Us for KGI Day 2012

Are you a food maniac or have a flair and keen interest in cooking?
A person concerned about Nutrition or just keen to grow & consume your own vegetables?
Come join us to celebrate the
World Kitchen Gardeners’ International Day
on Sunday, 26th August, 2012 – 8:30 am onwards
at Maharashtra Nature Park, Opposite Dharavi Bust Depot, Bandra Sion Link Road

Introduction to The Traditional Vegetables  of ‘Shraavan’and "Bhadrapad"


Kitchen Gardeners' Day has been initiated by Kitchen Gardener's International (http://kgi.org/about-KGI) - a movement to promote urban residents to grow some of their own food. Urban Leaves has  been a part of these celebrations since last year and is also coordinating with other Urban Gardeners across different cities in India.

The month of 'Shraavan and Bhadrapad ' comes towards the end of monsoon when Nature abounds in luxuriant green growth. Traditionally, this is the time when a variety of vegetables are consumed in abundance to rejuvenate one’s health and in tandem with the growing cycles. In India, we have a rich culinary tradition and heritage exclusively pertaining to the foods consumed in the month of ‘Shraavan’. Yet, in the fast paced urban lifestyle, we have become disjointed & disconnected to this tradition and heritage.

By doing so, we wish to revive this connection between traditions, seasonal foods, human health and nature among the urban population who have lost or are losing the real connection with seasonal and local food.  We hope to inspire people not only to grow local but eat seasonal as well.

Events in Brief

§      Our chief event for the day will be a cooking competition related to the Preparation of a traditional Shravan Vegetable. This will be judged by a well known chef and a Nutrition expert. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 recipes.

§      Besides this, we will also be taking the participants for a tour of our Community Food Garden which Urban Leaves has been maintaining at Maharashtra Nature Park.

§      A small talk by a team from IFSF http://indiaforsafefood.in will make us aware on how toxic is the food that we purchase from the market.

§      As an option for safe food, we will also give a demonstration on how to grow a herb on your own window sill. A starter kit alongwith a sapling supplied by RUR will be available for sale at the venue.

§      An introduction to the concept of Recycling and its close association with our tradition will be given by the team of RUR – R U Reducing, Reusing, Recycling? http://www.facebook.com/RUR.AreYouReducingReusingRecycling

§    On KGI Day Panasonic Experience Center, Mumbai has come together with Urban Leaves and RUR to have a campaign to collect E Waste which Panasonic Experience Center will ensure is recycled safely and effectively.     www.facebook.com/Panasonicexperiencecenter

§     The event will culminate with a small talk by the judges on our traditions based on Nutritional values and seasonality followed by a demonstration of one recipe.
§      A refreshing Herbal tea & snack at the beginning and a sumptuous, healthy, vegan, gluten free & low fat lunch to end the session is organized from the Kitchen of THAC

KGI Participants
For Contest Participants
Fees Rs. 100/- (inclusive of snack & Lunch)
Fees Nil – only KGI participation Fee of Rs. 100/-
Last Date - 22nd Aug 2012
Last date - 18th August 2012
Participation Form
Sorry, we've exceeded our capacity and cannot take more registrations.
For queries: Write to urbanleaves@gmail.com

To view schedule: KGI 2012 Schedule