Urban Leaves India: Soil Solution to Climate Problems

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Soil Solution to Climate Problems

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SOIL ... Soil is a living miracle.
We are only beginning to understand this complex system. However, we are accelerating the loss of this essential system through not only ploughing, deforestation and erosion, but also through callous handling of natural resources in our environment, which have left our air, soils, and food in dire shape.

Our air, our soil and our food are so deeply interconnected. Our learning through our productive organic rooftop food farms, our experience with the nutrient and microbial-rich Amrut Mitti, made by using dry leaves and biomass in our surroundings, has opened our eyes to this wonderful resource of dry leaves, which today, we see being trashed in the city. The recent burning of garbage at the Deonar dump, resulting in toxic polluted air, has brought into focus the pressing need to take sustainable measures to Clean our Air; Build our Soil; and Green our City.

The short-film : Soil Solution to Climate Problems (a must-watch film) narrated by Michael Pollan is one with which we deeply connect and identify with. We are grateful to Ajay Mahajan of Vividhara for sharing it with us.

Our UL community rooftop farms are lush green and great carbon sinks in this mega city today. Over the years, our volunteers have been collecting heaps and tons of dry leaves to make Amrut Mitti. The miracle of increased carbon in our soil, feeding the microbes and in turn our trees, blessing us with rich harvests is a dream realised on our farms.

Dry leaves which are dumped, burnt and perceived as a huge problem in the city are truly part of the solution to our ever increasing environmental problems. Join our ‪#‎SaveALeaf‬ Campaign to save 1 bucket/1 sack/ 1 drum/or more leaves. 

Save the Date- February 21st, 2016, to learn the art of making this miracle soil, Amrut Mitti in a workshop at UL-DBPH, Provincial House Roof-Top, Don Bosco Campus, Matunga East, Mumbai.

More details will be posted shortly.