Urban Leaves India: Horray ! Amrut Mitti is ready at Nana Nani Park

Thursday 31 March 2011

Horray ! Amrut Mitti is ready at Nana Nani Park

The Amrut Mitti heaps at Nana Nani Park are ready! Thanks to efforts put in 
by Purvita, Ubai, Mr Joshi and Rai.
Purvita at Nana Nani park
All steps in composting, greening, cutting and composting again are over....
There is excitement as we take up sowing of crops in these beds.

Guess who has made their presence felt?
Yes! Its these lady bugs, friends of the farmers. 

One of the beds has lots of white ant infestation in the ground. 
See the strong one here in the pic. However we are told by 
Deepak Suchdeji our mentor in Natueco Farming that white ants 
will not pose a problem. We have to wait, watch and pray.

Meanwhile a small herbal patch is on its way!
Italian basil

Join us soon for planting various crops at the park! Visit this page for more information

Love and smiles
Urban Leaves Team