Urban Leaves India: First Plantation at Nana Nani Park – 8th April, 2011

Monday 11 April 2011

First Plantation at Nana Nani Park – 8th April, 2011

A small group of enthusiastic volunteers was present for this activity. We were all very excited as after all the pains we had taken to lovingly build Amrut Mitti for over a period of 4 months were were finally going to plant something ! We had great fun planting saplings in the  Amrut Mitti raised bed. 

Situated right in the heart of South Mumbai, this truly is going to be an Urban Farm. Come have a look......

Two beds can be seen in the image above. The group image with newly planted saplings on right bed and another bed ready on left for planting beans. Ubai is taking the photograph, so is not visible, but he is the core member, pl note

Bitter gourd  and Cucumber saplings are arranged in a row maintaining a clear distance as required.

Mr. Roy, owns a farm at Karjat (left image) and Mr. Joshi (right image) are the most sincere and dedicated members at NNP. They take full responsibility to water the plants every morning at the farm. Thanks to them that I donot visit the park each and everyday.

Manisha from Marine Lines, an active NGO group member fighting to reclaim the Society Park to initiate an Urban Farm 

Vipul, comes from Sion for the first plantation. Should admit, he is the guy who has been present for all the major activity at the park. Thanks Vipul. 

Appreciating the work done for the day. 

Meeting once again on Tuesday - 12th April to build a trellis for these creepers. All are invited at 7:30 am. This is going to be hard work too. We are building a ten feet tall trellis covering both the beds.
Finally the trellis is ready..... click to view the creepers happily climbing the trellis 

View the Photo Gallery of the first harvest at NNP - May 11

Cheers and smiles
Volunteer Urban Leaves