Urban Leaves India: Small steps of joyful progress at MNP

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Small steps of joyful progress at MNP

Remember the Brinjal which had caught aphids infection? We had simply pruned the affected parts of the plant and allowed it to grow. See the abundance now. Now you will wonder why aphids after using Amrut Mitti? Well, first of all the sapling was planted in freshly made Amrut Mitti. So there are chances of a little pest attack , in such situations.As the Mitti matures these problems are almost negligible. Secondly the sunlight available to this plant in the winter months was just for an hour or two.. Now with the advent of summer and the sun changing its path, this patch receives sunlight for about 4- 5 hrs and we see the difference! 

Brinjal on the small tank.

Now on the upper tank, heaps are progressing and its time to cut 
the greens and recycle them back in the compost.
21 day growth
One big heap made earlier was ready for plantation. We decided to plant " Papdi": flat green 
beans in it.So three small saplings at a distance of 1 ft from each other were planted.
 seeds had been sown earlier on the full moon day. 
Now as this was a freshly made heap we made these three small wells  in the
 heap and added one year old Amrut Mitti in it. Then planted the saplings. 
Mulched the heap.
Now all we needed was to prepare for the trellis as these creepers would be growing
 all over the place soon.
Julius bought some second hand slaughted angles and we fabricated the trellis!

The corn is growing soo well! Waiting for the cobs soon!
This is the Italian Basil! Awesome flavour!
Mints vigour is wonderful!
This is the spear mint!

Slow and steady the farm is getting productive! 
I wait for the day when all our volunteers can grow their  own vegetables and enjoy the
 sweet fruits of their labour.

Cheers and smiles
Urban Leaves team