Urban Leaves India: Winter Harvest at Nana Nani Park

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Winter Harvest at Nana Nani Park

Post a windy and chilled new year, we (the volunteer group) at NNP were happy to bring in 2012 by harvesting  what was sowed during the pre- monsoon season.

Sajan our gardener, (pic below) is showing off Haldi (turmeric) . A small Purple Yam in the palm and Mr Joshi proudly holding Yam which was over 1kg. The group took back home a bunch of Lettuce.

This season Suran (Yam) has been our hero. Let me take you through the complete growth cycle. We have taken pictures of various stages whenever possible.
May 2011 – Sowing the Suran

When the Suran is ready for sowing it develops an  “eye” .  Prior to monsoon this will sprout.  Cut the top potion leaving behind the flesh and sow it in the soil.
June and July  2011 – Suran bud sprouts in the soil
Once it starts raining, the plant grows vigorously.
July 2011 – Suran growing tall, small ones in the same bed
Small Suran which had root tubers were planted next to the main plant. These too have sprouted well but are small compared to the main one.

Aug 2011 – Observed further growth
The mother plant has gone tall. View from the top.
Sep and Oct 201 – plant in full glory and growing old
The plant was in its full glory in September and part of October. Later we  observed that  the main mother plant was drying and going limp. The strong stem was falling and finally disappeared.
Nov 2011 - Harvesting
End November, we decided to harvest the mother plant. Full of curiosity and anxiety we finally took the plunge in the soil to see what was there below.   
We poured some Amrut Jal to soften the soil. With the hand feeling the peripheral growth of suran.

And what we experienced was amazing. I am not able to express the joy in words, but can show you what happened.

Excitement  on holding the yield in hand
The joy of harvesting and holding the fruit in hand..... Ubai showing the density of the roots. If these can be preserved for one year, sowing the same shall give better yield.

“Reap what you sow and eat what you get”
Isn’t this amazing!
More on other harvests later....

Purvita and
Urban Leaves Team
Nani Nani Park