Urban Leaves India: National Seminar on Organic Urban Gardening, 10th -12th December 2011 Mumbai

Tuesday 18 October 2011

National Seminar on Organic Urban Gardening, 10th -12th December 2011 Mumbai

Dear City Farmer friends

We are back (after sending out the pre-invite) with details of the National Seminar. Please excuse us for the delay, but we hope that our initial notification of the dates has enabled many of you to plan your trip and book your tickets.

The aim of hosting this seminar is to give faces to names, learn some amazing gardening secrets from experienced practitioners, interact and meet all those like minded people across the country with whom we have been sharing our joys of harvests, sharing tips on composting, sowing and reaping up till now on e--groups and networking sites.

We hope this seminar will act as a catalyst to the growth in urban gardens which began last year with the first ever urban farming seminar in Bangalore. The seminar has therefore been designed keeping in mind the needs of urban gardeners.

We hope to have loads of interaction and fun, group discussion and a happy heart to take back sweet memories and a song in our heart as we begin working on our urban gardens once we are back at home.

Please see the  BROCHURE below  for details on agenda and programme, location, fees payable. 

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Hope to meet all of you in December in Mumbai.

Smiles and happiness
Urban Leaves