Urban Leaves India: Growing Tomatoes, cabbage,Kohlrabi in a Balcony

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Growing Tomatoes, cabbage,Kohlrabi in a Balcony

For eight years I grew up with natueco knowledge and experience of growing food on a terrace.
Pl see http://natuecocityfarming.blogspot.com/2009/02/farm-on-terrace.html  for the details of  my background. However it was only when i came into contact with Monisha and started conducting workshops at MNP telling people they could do it at home that I started working on my small balcony at Dockyard road.

Monisha taught us to compost kitchen waste. I combined a bit of my natueco GYAN and devised a method for myself. My kitchen waste first goes into my basket, ( Aerated ) not covered, in my balcony, which gets good sunlight.After it dries, it goes in my earthen pot. A layer of red earth or Amrut mitti from the terrace is sprinkled every three- four days in it. I turn the material in the pot every Sunday. Sprinkle Amrut Jal in it if I feel it has gone dry. Not otherwise.
I have harvested some lovely compost from it once , in which I have planted tomatoes which are now flowering. In fact there are five tomatoes.... and I love to see their growth day by day!
Had planted some lettuce, spinach, chillies, lemon grass, kohlrabi and cauliflower  in Amrut Mitti.

Have documented the progress in photographs..
I harvest about a sprigful of spinach per week from a single tub. Today I used it in my favourite raw spinach salad. it was crispy and sweet! : )
Will keep up with the updates. Do post in your experiences too.

Preeti Patil

After a wait of three months at last I harvested my tomatoes and Kohlrabi today.
They were so beautiful and delicious. Worth all the waiting!

Love Preeti


  1. Words cant express the wonderful feelings I get when i see your site! Keep it up.

    http://newlinkroad.wordpress.com/ is our group site

    http://drspmathew.wordpress.com/ is my personal site.

    We would like to co operate with you.

  2. do you know where i can get organic vegetable seeds to start my own balcony garden?? Yours is an inspiration!

  3. We source our organic seeds from Sahaja Samrudha in Bangalore.Also check with Navdanya and Annadana. You will find their details on the web.
    These days we try and save our own seeds and share them.


  4. hi preeti, i have just seen ur site and am truely impressed with ur work.i wld definitely like to get in touch with u asap.my email is miles2go87@gmail.com.i wld love to learn terrace gardening from u.arundhati.

  5. Do you conduct any workshops in Thane? I would love to attend.


  6. Do you have any upcoming workshops for beginners in farming ?

  7. 1st and 2nd October is the permaculture workshop to be conducted by Richard Zook.

    See blog post on UL.

  8. I would like to know the shop in Mumbai where I can get the seedlings for such vegetables..

    Thanks and Regards,
    Yogini S (yogini.r.shinde@gmail.com)

  9. you can start by buying open pollinated seeds from Namdeo Umaji at Byculla.

  10. Can one of you kind people please email me at spiegwrite@gmail.com and advise me? I grew 4 cabbage plants on my terrace this summer. The plants thrived beautifully, with abundant leaves, but only the tiniest cabbages that were unbelievably bitter. What might I have done wrong?
    Thank you for taking the time to answer