Urban Leaves India: Musk Melon and beans in the balcony

Saturday 7 August 2010

Musk Melon and beans in the balcony

The rich compost made from the kitchen waste throws up all kinds of surprises!
One such surprise was a musk melon which I didn't expect to grow. The food that we purchase from the market and eat, is generally obtained from HYBRID produce and so their seeds dont really give a proper yield.

So I was in two minds whether to allow this plant which had sprouted in my pot housing Kadipatta to grow in it. It looked so happy and at home, I didn't have the heart to uproot it. So once it was sure that it was there to stay, it quickly took over the balcony grill and spread its canopy. The Kadipatta too was comfortable.
Soon the flowers came. And then one day I saw a tiny little round melon. The roots of the plant had not only flourished in the Amrut Mitti but had also wrapped themselves around my heart. This tiny melon kept growing and one fine day was found fallen off from the creeper, all sweet and ripe!
The beans creeper has not only covered my grill but has also gone up on the floor above! My friend living on floor above me is going to be soon surprised to find " This magical beanstalk" ! I am busy counting my chickens before they are hatch! : ) Counting my beans!