Urban Leaves India: Home composting

Saturday 7 August 2010

Home composting

We all know how crucial it has become for all of us to compost our waste at Home. Amrut Mitti takes time and has to be made batch by batch. So does this mean we dont start composting our waste, till Amrut Mitti is ready?
No.Not really. Here is a very simple technique that we at Urban Leaves have adopted.

It's easy, maintenance free!
No need to buy any earthworms or any other stuff. Just keep sprinkling some red earth in the pots from time to time. Once in a way if you feel that the waste has become too wet, add newspaper, dry leaves, and soil to cover it completely.Keep stirring it from time to time.
These are magical pots which never fill! when one pot is full, shift to the other and rest the first one. Come back to it, when the second one looks full. As the compost matures, rate of decomposition increases.
One fine morning, after three months remove the compost, take a fist full and smell it's heavenly fragrance!
Once your Amrut Mitti is ready it can handle your kitchen waste at home. Till then this is a good way to begin.
All the best!