Urban Leaves India: (G) olden urban leaves :D make a start

Wednesday 12 January 2011

(G) olden urban leaves :D make a start

This felt wonderful. Beautiful morning and two of our sincere,dedicated volunteers leading the project at Nana Nani Park, Purvita and Ubai were ready to conduct their first round of workshop.I felt wonderful as my dream of creating a movement of Urban Farming in Mumbai was entering the next stage.

 I can see a group of urban farmers,creating the next ring of (g)olden volunteers and my heart is filled with gratitude and  joy. To see  volunteer's movement achieve this is what I call " sone pe suhaga" ! It proves that in a city which is considered too busy,  people can still come together for social causes for the simple joy of it!
Like minded people who work for the fresh change they wish to see.......!

So here is how the day was spent......The pictures will say it all! : )

Rows of Amrut Jal kept ready in drums for hands on session with our senior participants
Purvita gives an introduction on Natueco and the importance and relevance of Amrut Mitti
Ubai starts with demo on making Amrut Mitti
The "budding " Urban Leaves : )
Children joined in too enthusiastically to dirty their hands.
Baskets were filled in fill rich compost
Mavis, Samprati, Sameer (s),Jasmina, where would be without you? Thanks for 
all your hard work you put in that day!
The individual tubs of Amrut Mitti beeing made by participants with help from UL volunteers.A day earlier Julius had drilled holes in them to facilitate aeration.Aerated containers are necessary to dissipate heat generated during composting.The tubs were carried home by participants.
Some members kept their tubs in the park to be monitored regularly.
A few saplings of radish,celery,cauliflower,were planted in these crates.The brick supports are specially created so that senior members do not have to bend down and work.
The captain of our senior team at Nana Nani: Himmatbhai
One heap of Amrut Mitti was also made that day as a lot of leaf litter soaked in Amrut Jal was in balance after filling up of tubs.Hard at work to finish this task were Purvita,Mavis,
Samprati,Sameer(s) ,and Mr Joshi.
We were all thrilled to see tomato saplings suddenly sprouting in the bin used to make Amrut Jal earlier!
These seem the most wonderful of miracles , as the seeds have not even been sowed by us!

So to all those who participated on 9th Jan, keep coming back to observe how the Mitti is taking shape. 
Keep interacting,sharing and smiling!
After all OLD IS GOLD

Love and sunshine
The Urban Leaves Team