Urban Leaves India: Who's coming to share the harvest? : D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's coming to share the harvest? : D

Yipeeee! Yeeeee! Who is comin to share the harvest? : D
Thanks to the pains taken for making Amrut Mitti for last two years, the harvest is bountiful and abundant!
Loads of sunshine and Amrut Mitti have created their magic in this tiny pots in a tiny balcony!
Tis no secret now.... The Amrut Mitti is yours to learn and play with.

Cauliflower still growing.....
Leaves also make an excellent sabji!
Beet and radish

Red math ( Amaranth )


Tis been a great harvest! Happy Sankrant! " Til-gud-ghya-gud-gud-bola"


  1. Preeti.... i am coming to harvest..... these are just lovely, valuable effort.... i wish to see how you get this result and we do not?????

  2. Waah. Lovely.

    I would love to start, but feel somewhat overwhelmed. Would love to learn from you, perhaps as a part of hands-on workshop. What can I do to make this happen ?

  3. Join us at a workshop. Keep a lookout for the announcement of the same in the blog.

    Meanwhile check out the Guide to setting up a farm in the blog and START NOW!

  4. If just looking at the photos of capsicum, tomatoes, beetroots is so exciting then to be able to see them, touch & smell them must be exhilarating. Thanks for sharing it with all.

  5. Am already segregating waste and having thinking of composting for a long time. After looking at your home composting video where I don't hv to do anything but buy 2 pots.... I think I shall start this weekend. I want to have my little farm too! Do let me know about the workshop. Great info... thanx a ton!