Urban Leaves India: Community Farm at Nana Nani -- Turns Green !

Saturday 5 February 2011

Community Farm at Nana Nani -- Turns Green !

Kudos to Purvita and Ubai. Its now two months since they began work at the Nana Nani Park at Chowpatty.
The Amrut Mitti heaps have completed their initial composting of 30 days and have started their green journey.
Seeds of different varieties were sown and are thriving. They will be cut partially on  the 21st,42nd and 63rd day and  recycled back into the heap.

 So for the next 63 days,dear friends, the journey will take us through different soil textures and fragrances until the final Amrut Mitti is formed. In this journey, you need to walk hand in hand with patience, love and an inquisitive mind. 

Observe carefully, feel deeply and learn keenly!

The little saplings planted have grown too, on their way to becoming productive.

Celery and Kohlrabi

  Many hands make light work!
We hope to see many more south Mumbai volunteers in the coming days. 
                                      Join us Today! Write to us at urbanleaves@gmail.com
                                   Be a part and not apart from the next Green Revolution!            

Cheers and smiles
Purvita , Ubai and
Urban Leaves Team