Urban Leaves India: Once Again We Meet to Make Amrut Mitti at NNP - Chowpatty on 20th Feb - Sunday

Monday 28 February 2011

Once Again We Meet to Make Amrut Mitti at NNP - Chowpatty on 20th Feb - Sunday

This is the best time of the year when biomass is available in plenty. A big thanks to Anil Ranglani, who has given us contacts of societies where biomass is packed in bags and ready to be picked up. 

So we planned a group activity once again to make heaps of Amrut Mitti. The temptation is to have as much AM for planting just before the rains. This is what we did on 20th Feb at NNP

Two big heaps of Amrut Mitti being made on the ground by the group. The right heap is exclusively made by our senior citizens. Sampat, and Joshi Uncle, Nirmala Aunty made our day! Vipul and Sameer making the third heap.

We also planted some vegetable saplings directly in the ground. Next we shall see Carrots, Brinjal, Capsicums, Tomatoes and Kolrabi with herbs like Basil, Lemon Grass, Pepper Mint, Spear Mint, Tulsi and Ajwain in full glory.

Preeti got some Carrot saplings. The complete transplanting process visible in pictures.

Saplings immersed in AJ.

 Each stem tenderly separated…

Clearly marking on the ground to plant carrot stem with splash of wood ash serving instant nutrition to the sapling….

Well planted…

And mulched with sugarcane bagasse…. 

 Similarly planted Brinjal, Capsicum which already were flowering…

This is the herbal section. Here we shall see Methi, Lemon Grass, Mint, Basil, Tulsi and Ajwain.

a few new faces..... Group from Pasta Lane Colaba

Interaction with new members, everyone wants to make AM for individual use. Purvita generously offers help with all the raw material required as it is already available at the park. All they need to do is get the tubs or containers to make AM. 

Purvita giving away seeds of palak, tulsi and Italian basil…

Exchanging notes and eager to meet again!

 Next week the  plan is to make three more heaps of AM…. Tell me who all are willing to come and lend a helping hand! I shall definitely hope to see all of you….

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