Urban Leaves India: Sunday moments at MNP 13.2.11 photo diary

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Sunday moments at MNP 13.2.11 photo diary

It was a time to remember the hard work put in for last one and half year, starting from making of Amrut Mitti heaps on the water tank. Grey can become green..... the pictures tell the story.

Then and now.............
This Sunday was time for spring cleaning the garden too. During the year we had realized that too many raised beds were not going to work out on the water tank. The tank surface was uneven and this often resulted in water logging under the beds which was not healthy for plants. So before summer and onset of monsoons we cleared all raised beds except one on the tank. Juilis painted the bricks bright red with GERU.

We retained one bed as this position as it receives good sunlight and is currently hosting wonderful healthy tomato and brinjal plants.

Tomatoes a plenty on this plant.......

 Another problem we faced at tank was lack of sunlight due to which our veggies were not doing too well. So the Amrut Mitti from these beds was filled in plastic tubs and shifted to the upper tank.

 The upper tank is almost 40 ft long and 20 ft wide. A huge space for us to green!

 The smaller tank seen below hosts banana, Custard apple, Madhavi Lata, Adulsa,Drumstick, Lemon,and more all in drums. These can be shifted around to prevent water logging as well as receive sunlight as per seasons.
Julius and Samprati enjoying a banana snack after hard work.

                                   Star fruit which has already started bearing fruits!

Sampat uncle and Vipul feeling proud of this wonderful fruit tree.

Some of the Containers and beds retained on smaller tank are....
The chikoo (Sapota ) ... Hey somebody had taken off with this chikoo.... : (
Brinjal in a container

After sprucing up the small tank we proceeded to the bigger one. We swept up our biggest resource there.... the carpet of leaves. Filled them up in gunny bags to be used later. 

 We were overjoyed and thankful to Avinash for making arrangements of water on the BIG TANK. Hip hip Hurray! At last we wouldn't be required to carry water to the tank.... oooh that was tough! Samprati bought chocolates for all of us to celebrate this occasion.saying.... SHUBH ARAMBH... KUCH MEETHA HO JAYE !

                      We turned and heaps one month old and added seeds for greening.

Also made two container full of Amrut Mitti heap for Sampat Uncle.These will be turned next week.
                                 The tank all cleaned up, we watered the tiny saplings,

harvested the spinach and went home feeling good and satisfied!

Cheers till next Sunday.....when we need to turn the beds of AM , water plants and have a group meeting on next course of action to plan for monsoon.

The team
Urban Leaves Group