Urban Leaves India: Invitation to City Farming

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Invitation to City Farming

Welcome everyone! To the magic of city farming. More than an introduction, we extend this invitation to you, to share in and grow our experiences with city farming. We hope that it transforms your life in marvelous ways, as it has for so many of us. There is enough and more for everyone!

                                             Mumbai Port Trust Terrace Farm

It was only eight years ago at Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) that we first began to recognise abundance in our lives. Ironically, only when we acknowledged the enormity of our waste and the cost involved in getting rid of it, did change occur. Dr. R.T.Doshi inspired us through his (terrace) city farm to take the first step, of changing our perception, from waste into resource. From then on, with the guidance of Shri Dipak Suchde, we and our city farm have kept growing. We have benefited greatly from the wisdom of Prof. Sripad A Dabholkar founder of “Natueco Farming” and now, with the success of our 3000 square foot Natueco terrace farm, we feel lucky to share our own struggles in farming with the Prayog Pariwar and others. Pl see www.natuecocityfarming.blogspot.com for more information on same.We are humbled by the creative solutions offered, by common people, found in their everyday lives and are awed by the millions of mysteries that keep confronting us. We don't believe we have all the answers. But we hope that, if we are able to make any aspect of city farming easier or more delightful, we will come one step closer to our dream.

IMAGINE all the grey (terraces and balconies) we can see from the 21st floor of Phoenix tower turned green. Wouldn't it be wonderful? Won't you join us?


Thanks to Preeti's group of friends, Uday, Devi, Neesha, Jyoti, Tejal and Suresh Urban Leaves , a volunteer group of enthusiasts in search of sustainable living lifestyles in Mumbai, under the aegis of Vidya Varidhi Trust, was formed in March 2009.

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