Urban Leaves India: City Farming workshop at MNP

Saturday 14 November 2009

City Farming workshop at MNP

With the threat of Global Warming, the poison in our food, the decline in contact with Nature and rising stress levels, city farms have become the need of the day. If left to itself Nature will not leave a stone unturned in greening every inch of space. The bright green wild weeds growing even in the small spaces, nooks and corners: above our bus stops shelters, corners of the road are a testimony to this. Nature shows us the way and Natueco connects us to nature. So dear friends register for the workshop and take the initiative to create a city farm in your area. You will not only be rewarded with the sweet fruits of your labour but will also inspire and lead others. Register and participate in a workshop to be conducted from time to time at Maharashtra Nature Park. For registrations contact :
A slideshow of photographs taken during workshop conducted on 27th Sept 2009.