Urban Leaves India: PRAYOG PARIWAAR

Tuesday 17 November 2009


When we talk of integrating what we have learnt about composting our kitchen waste or growing our own herbs, vegetables etc... in our day to day lives, we need to adopt practices suitable to our own environment. Each situation is unique and there is no one solution for problems/situations. It therefore becomes important that each person " experiments" on his own. This does not mean that the wheel has to be invented again and again..... It helps to learn from others ventures, experiment on our own and then share our experiences too. This ensures a dynamic exchange of knowledge related to practical situations.
Natueco farmers interact using a unique methodology called ‘Prayog Pariwar” intoduced by Prof. S. A. Dabholkar. “Prayog” means “experiment” and “Pariwar” is a networking family. People come together by sharing of the results of their experiments so as to solve their farming problems.
We owe our growth and success to this healthy exchange of knowledge and skills. Both Dr. R. T. Doshi and Shri. Dipak Suchde have been members of this Prayog Pariwaar. We hope to spread this legacy through our network of "Urban Leaves".
Please visit our e-group http://www.cityfarmers@yahoogroups.com/ created for networking, sharing experiences, knowledge and skills.