Urban Leaves India: 8 weeks to becoming a kitchen gardener

Saturday 2 July 2011

8 weeks to becoming a kitchen gardener

I need not go bustling to the busy street,
To garnish my salads with a touch of green,
I need not borrow from my next door neighbours,
To season my goodies with missing flavours.
The little farm in my window gives me all I need,
Pinch me so I know it’s not a dream…….
                                                                - Swati Barve

       Devi in her 10 sq ft Balcony at Phoenix Towers

There are 8 weeks to the World Kitchen Gardeners Day.If you have a dream of your own kitchen garden, and have not been able to make a start, the coming 8 weeks are a good opportunity to take baby steps to step into the world of kitchen gardeners across the world!

Join us ( a gang of crazy, passionate, lovable kitchen gardeners) at Urban Leaves on Sunday 3rd July at Maharashtra Nature Park  at 8.00 - 9.00 am to learn the basics.

During the coming 8 weeks Urban Leaves volunteers will hold your hand till you learn the ABC of gardening and proudly connect with the clan around the world on August 28th!

Next 8 Sundays you will learn the most basic, simple, hands on, easy to use techniques ( no excuses left ) to start your own small kitchen garden. Just log in to www.urbanleavesinindia.com and follow your way to creating a kitchen garden. 

We start this Sunday with

5 baby steps to start your own kitchen garden.

No registrations... No fees.... Just join us on a Sunday morning to soil your hands!

Urban Leaves