Urban Leaves India: Gearing up for the World Kitchen Garden Day

Monday 11 July 2011

Gearing up for the World Kitchen Garden Day

Can a concrete jungle be converted to a farm? Going by the looks of these pictures, yes! 
In just less than a year.
After six months of hard work and making
 Amrut Mitti the results are awesome!
We have planted lots of corn to be ready for harvest on 
World Kitchen Garden Day on 28th of August. 
Yee.... Are 'nt we all excited? The Urban Leaves Family invites you all to join us on 
World Kitchen Garden Day to harvest our produce at Nana Nani Park 
( Sunday 28th August 7.30 am- 8.30 am) 
                                                  and Maharashtra Nature Park ( 8.30 am - 1.pm.)

Samhith  the snails lover is a regular volunteer these days 
joining us after he got hooked on post the Children's Summer Camp!
In reality we all become little children
once we are at the Community Farm.

This little patch of Amrut Mitti kept for greening , gave a 
surprise bounty of sweet, delicious beans.

                      These drumstick plants planted as little saplings
                      on 5th June.... Have shot up and become trees....

Drumstick in a months time!

That's Mavis hugging her tree.
The papdi another variety of beans........
These two little saplings have grown! in two months and how!

Mr Singh happy with the creeper... waiting for the beans, 
which are now flowering profusely...

Flowers of beans
The jowar sowed by Vipul  for greening stage dominated all plants and was therefore  retained  without cutting after every 21 days. This growth is not really for harvest , but will be cut and recycled back into the Mitti to enrich it further.

The sight of jowar growing on a concrete is not easy to resist... 

The okra / lady finger / Bhindi

Our blog posts of 5 little baby steps to start your kitchen 
garden has received wonderful  response!
Dont go by the meager Facebook Likes to our Urban Leaves Page! 
It was hands on and very Real!From little children to grandmothers and grandfathers.
Like! Like! Like! this Reality any day..... 
Nirmala aunty  started a class spontaneously!
Vipul joined in with total confidence!

The surprise students were two grannies who had undergone
 leg operations recently! They won our hearts with their enthusiasm.
The rains didn't stop us!

The demo by Vipul,Nirmala Aunty, and Mavis continued .....

We shifted to a drier location, for an interaction and wonderful treat 
of oil free veg pancakes and vegan  mango pudding brought by Saroj. 

Samhith shared that he was worried about his spinach being eaten by his pet snail! : D
Any message or tips for him?

Barfis... and 
a  treat of oil free veg pancakes and vegan  mango pudding brought by Saroj. 
Thanks Saroj... for all your pampering.

 All smiles for the group photo...

I am thrilled. I discovered two up coming urban leaves trainers... Nirmala and Vipul in addition to Purvita
especially for Gujrati special! What say when should we have it?

Till we meet again for a heart warming Sunday morning!

Photo courtesy: Anu shankar , Nimita Khandelwal.

Love and lots of smiles
Preeti &
Urban Leaves